Now reading: IQ Vinyl – vinyl records with holographic effects

IQ Vinyl – vinyl records with holographic effects

IQ Structures, a first-class supplier of anti-counterfeiting protection based on advanced optical nanostructures, has launched IQ Vinyl, a product enabling the production of gramophone records with large holograms covering the whole vinyl surface. This patented technology is particularly appropriate for special and anniversary editions, gift series, and more, elevating vinyl design aesthetics and the listening experience to a new level.

12. 2. 2024
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IQ Vinyl - Vinyl records with holographic effects

Impressive Holographic Effects

IQ Vinyl enables the embossing of large decorative holograms onto the surface of vinyl records. These holographic nanostructures create fascinating images that appear to move, tilt, rotate, and morph over the record while it spins. IQ Structures can create the desired image, logo, or letters using various holographic effects.

Patented Technology

This product is a result of several years of cooperation between IQ Structures and GZ media, the world’s largest gramophone record manufacturer. Thorough testing and several commercial runs confirmed that the hologram has zero impact on sound quality, and that it retains its full luminosity for the life of the record.

Tailored Solutions for You

IQ Structures supplies IQ Vinyl to record companies, producers, and artists in a variety of commercial arrangements. It can supply:

  • finished records, including packaging, in partnership with GZ Media,
  • the technology and its integration in the production process, right through to staff training and start-up support,
  • masters (graphic design, designing the three-dimensional visual effects, calculating the mathematical algorithms by which the nanostructure reflects light, and preparing the stamp for companies that can handle the pressing of holographic vinyl themselves.

IHMA Award-Winning Solution

Unique visual effects from the IQ Structures portfolio, now including a set of holographic effects, are already available for record labels. IQ Structures has won three major Excellence in Holography Awards from the International Hologram Manufacturers Association in recent years.

CEO Perspective

IQ Structures CEO Petr Franc said, "We are primarily a security company focused on the protection of IDs and banknotes, yet our know-how also has applications in other industries. For example, in this case. Traditional vinyl records with great sound can now be enriched with a wonderful visual experience, becoming beautiful objects, like pieces of jewelry. I’m looking forward to acquiring such records for my own collection."

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