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Computer-generated DOVIDs

In a world where almost everything is digitised, there may be a tendency to classify anything related to computers as "computer generated". However, security frameworks generated through extensive calculation based on sophisticated algorithms are something truly exceptional.

12. 1. 2024
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The End of Traditional Holography Dominance

Farewell to the era of traditional holograms. The reign of diffractive anti-counterfeiting technology has concluded, making way for the rise of computer-generated security elements known as "computer-generated holograms" or more precisely computer-generated DOVIDs. While these structures share some similarities with conventional holograms, they represent a fundamental change in development of security features.

Super Secure

Why are computer-generated DOVIDs safer? Let's take a look at three important factors:

  • Unprecedented Visual Effects – computer generated approach delivers visually stunning effects that surpass conventional holograms and cannot be replicated.
  • Algorithmic Unpredictability - The creation of the algorithm is tamper-proof. This ensures unique security, even if an attacker gains access to the production device.
  • Smooth integration - IQ Structures seamlessly integrates computer generated DOVIDs into products, allowing inseparable fusion with various technologies such as polycarbonate cards, security printing, UV effects and transparent windows.

Decoding the Essence of Computer-Generated DOVIDs

Traditional holography involves bouncing a light beam off the 3D object being imaged, then striking a sensitive plate with a reference beam. Although digital methods are now widely used, the core principle remains the same. IQ Structures technology takes a completely different approach.

Creating Security with Trillions of Calculations

IQ Structures creates complex elements using nanostructure. It is based on 100 nanometre dots. 100 million of these dots fit into one square millimetre. For example, a security element measuring 2x5 centimetres contains 100 billion of these dots. Even with some simplifications, we are still talking about trillions of calculations that need to be done, which is far beyond the capabilities of standard computers. To achieve unmatched speed and accuracy, IQ Structures uses thousands of powerful graphics processors operating in parallel.

The Alchemy of Algorithms and Physics

Creating such computer generated DOVIDs demands not just mathematical expertise but also a deep understanding of physics. Light, treated as waves based on generalized Maxwell's equations, undergoes complex calculations that act as a one-way street, similar to encryption. With the encryption key, you can encrypt a message, but an encrypted message doesn't reveal the encryption key. Similarly, the algorithm used cannot be determined from a finished security element.

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