Powered by creative minds and 25+ years of experience

We have a unique mixture of technologies, custom-built equipment and top experts in their respective fields under one roof.

Exclusive results using creative combination of cutting-edge technologies

Unique set of technologies allows us to create sophisticated nanostructures with extraordinary optical properties.

e-beam lithography

UV lithography

ion etching

3D nano-printing

Innovative optical features and extra safe security elements.

Expertise at all production levels

We cover all steps of the productionprocess. 

Security elements artwork

Holographic effects simulation and pre-processing calculations

Master production

Effective manufacturing

Precision verified by own analytical instruments

The fact that we work at the nano level requires the use of special measuring devices to verify the proper function of our products.

New level of banknote protection

Nanoswitch™ – Color-switching Nanostructures

A new level of banknote protection

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