IQ VINYL: Activate more senses

Vinyl records with holographic effects

Innovative technology to emboss large decorative holograms onto the surface of vinyl records

The Ratchets, Gotta Be Cool, 2018

High fidelity sound and design

IQ Vinyl incorporates eye-catching holographic effects to give listeners something completely unique, elevating vinyl design to new levels of aesthetics and creativity.

Fascinating effects

Holographic nanostructures create fascinating images that appear to move, tilt, rotate and morph over the record while it spins. We can create your desired image, logo or letters using various holographic effects.

Pia Achternkamp, Jana Doudová, 
Gabriela Těthalová, Reverse Mantra, 2019
Perry Farrell, The Glitz, The Glamour, 2020

Clear sound and an unlimited lifetime

IQ Structures technology enbosses holograms directly onto the vinyl (not onto the label, unlike other manufacturers) in a way that has absolutely no adverse impact on the sound. The hologram is applied directly onto the vinyl and meets all relevant requirements, including lifespan.

Boost your design with innovative noncopyabable holographic effects

If you‘re planning an anniv ersary record, a special edition or an ything else t o gladden the hearts of fans, IQ Vinyl is exactly what you are looking for.

Louis Armstrong, Selection, 2018

Get inspired

Combine any effects, feel free to align them with your graphic designs. If you‘re planning an anniversary record, a special edition or anything else to gladden the hearts of fans, IQ Vinyl is exactly what you are looking for.

Tailor-made options

Are you an artist, producer or a record company?
You can choose from our various options:

Ready-to-use holographic record

We supply ready-to-use holographic records, including packaging, upon request.


If you prefer to create the holographic vinyls on your own, we offer the technology, along with comprehensive staff training and ongoing support.


For businesses equipped with the necessary technology, we can supply a holographic master.

New level of banknote protection

Nanoswitch™ – Color-switching Nanostructures

A new level of banknote protection

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