Now reading: IQ Structures launches a new solution for the protection of precious metals and commemorative coins

IQ Structures launches a new solution for the protection of precious metals and commemorative coins

IQ Structures, a research and manufacturing organisation focused on nanotechnology engineering, a member of the IQS Group, has launched IQ Mint, a technological solution for anti-counterfeit protection and the visual enhancement of precious metal objects, such as coins, medals and investment bars. Thanks to the unique technology for transferring the holographic relief to metals, it enables the creation of art objects with a unique breathtaking look, where the shimmering shine of the metal is combined with the distinctive colours and effects of holograms.

"Investing in commemorative coins and other precious metal items is on the rise. This also means a growing demand for anti-counterfeiting protection.

An advanced hologram provides a huge advantage, making it possible for the genuineness of an object to be recognised by virtually anyone. The owner of an investment item is not dependent on a limited number of professional dealers and banks, " explains IQ Structures´ CEO Petr Franc.

These unique features include, for example:

  • Colour rainbows
  • 3D plastic objects with color suppression, enabling fine details
  • Two-dimensional flip-flop effects
  • Three-dimensional display

The silver CZK 500 coin with the Skoda 489 Albatros Locomotive released last year by the Czech National Bank, which reviewers describe as an "eye-catching innovation", demonstrate some of the possibilities presented by the IQ Mint. The coin carries effects that evoke the movement of a steam locomotive, such as spinning wheels and smoke from its chimney.

Other areas of use are also emerging, such as the physical form of cryptocurrencies. Protection for regular coins will also come in the future. As banknotes are increasingly better protected, some counterfeiters are turning to the forging of coins. For example, the European authorities had to issue a warning about counterfeit two-euro coins last year, and the US regularly publishes a ranking of the 50 most counterfeited (and therefore most risky) coins

"Holograms on coins have been around for a while, but when you hold an object with an IQ Mint hologram, you'll see a huge difference. The IQ Mint is a revolutionary technological breakthrough solution with years of our work behind it. Both years of development by our research lab and dozens of projects in collaboration with various mints. Together we are creating a world where there is more trust and where we will be surrounded by beautiful objects," concluded Robert Dvořák, Managing Director of IQ Structures.



27. 2. 2023
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