Stop counterfeiters from risking the lives of your customers. Prevent car theft.
Illegal business with fake components grows by 10% every year. It is a business with people’s lives, literally. According to Interpol there are seven million cars stolen every year!
Functioning protection example

We provide protection either through securing individual parts of the car or a complex interconnected IT system.

We covertly mark the car with microdots IQ Dot on several places. Thanks to that - even after cutting the car into parts - we can reliably identify the real owner.

We protect license plates and vignettes particularly with holograms, as well as other features. We connect everything together with secured documents in one database.

Take care of the complete vehicle protection
We secure vehicle parts from counterfeiting

We use covert sophisticated markers, smart labels and track & trace systems. We can clearly distinguish between the original parts from the fake ones.

  • combination of overt and covert marking
  • protection of parts and packaging
  • immediate connection to database
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We help to deter thieves

Good theft protection discourages sticky-fingered thieves, who rather choose an easier target. We protect both the individual parts and the whole vehicles.

  • smart multi-level security
  • protection of the whole vehicle and its parts
  • protection of license plates, vignettes and windshields
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Systemic protection

We interconnect all the features into a complex system and one database. Each license plate has its own concrete documents, vignette and number codes on other security features. And everything is easily traceable.

  • connection to other databases
  • permanent control of vehicles
  • simple check
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