Documents, valuables and prints
Protect your personal as well as corporate documents against misuse.
Today’s copiers and printers work for counterfeiters. They can perfectly copy any unprotected printed materials. Counterfeits are everywhere: cheques, stocks, contracts, tickets, public transportation passes, luncheon vouchers...
Functional protection example

We have realized hundreds of security projects all over the world from warranty certificates to sophisticated banknotes protection.

We protect documents using combinations of security printing and holograms with graphical motifs. For covert protection we use high-security paper with holographic microparticles IQ Dot.

Besides simple and sophisticated holograms we protect documents by tamper-evident labels, security pigments, RFID chips or bar codes.

Stop your losses caused by counterfeiting
We protect against counterfeiting

Our security features are designed to protect your consumers from buying a counterfeit - as well as to protect you as a precaution against document and print fraud.

  • multilevel protection
  • customizable solutions
  • simple application into your production process
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Project management and consulting

We will provide you with individual security features - or manage the whole process from analysis and solution design, to production, to record keeping and logistics of secured prints.

  • consulting free of charge
  • project supervision
  • negotiations with suppliers
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New technology development

We will help you with application of existing technologies and their combinations. Or we will develop a brand new one just for you.

  • development of unique security features
  • technology customization
  • application of technology and security features into production process
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Looking for a customized solution?

Maybe you already have your own solution - and only need to improve and enhance it. Or to develop a brand new one.
IQ Structures technologists are here for you.

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