Systemic protection and Track & Trace
Check the movement of your goods. Wherever they are.
Unique encrypted code on every product immediately verifies its authenticity - to you, the seller and the customer.

We provide digital security in the form of a unique code for each product or packaging which can be easily verified on the web using a cell phone or a computer. These advanced systems enable tracking each product from the producer through the entire distribution chain to the point of sale.

We use advanced encryption technology and electronic services to ensure security. We provide various types of RFID chips, barcodes, QR and other codes, that we combine with other security features.

Key Benefits

  • Tracking the products throughout the distribution
  • Easy verification using a cell phone or PC
  • Combination with other security features
  • All information connected in a database
We help our partners with protection of distribution and efficient logistics.
For Track & Trace we use
Smart label
Intelligent packaging protection
RFID chip
Electronic protection and tracing
QR code
Online track and trace
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