Theft prevention
Prevent theft before it happens
Good security solution discourages sticky-fingered thieves, who rather choose an easier target. We protect consumer goods, arts and vehicles.

We provide a system of prevention and protection of objects and vehicles against theft and their return into circulation. A valuable object or a vehicle is marked with unique holographic microparticles IQ Dot in several places.

With this hidden marking we make easy identification of the real owner and increase the chances of return of stolen goods. We significantly limit the chances of returning stolen goods and vehicles back into circulation. In addition, we protect vehicle documentation against alteration and misuse.

Key Benefits

  • Hidden and visible protection
  • Database connection
  • Simple identification of the right owner
For theft prevention we use
Security markers
Covert invisible control
IQ dot
Hidden security microparticles
RFID chip
Electronic protection and tracing
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