Secure your pharmaceutical products against abuse.
Ten per cent of pharmaceutical world trade are counterfeits.
It was up to 80% in Nigeria in 2003!
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We will covertly mark your pharmaceuticals. Their authenticity can be verified by both specialist and public.

We ensure original and intact medication packaging throughout the distribution chain - using smart label, hologram seal and other security features.

We will mark each pill with a nanomarker, which identifies its authenticity even in case of repackaging or distribution of individual pills.

Ensure a clear identification of medications
We protect medications and packaging

We help producers, distributors, doctors and consumers to easily recognize the original. Both by visible security features (hologram) and by forensics features for 100% authenticity verification in laboratories.

  • smart multi-level protection
  • protection of the box and blister pack
  • authentication of individual pills
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Systemic protection and Track & Trace

We will equip each box and medicine bottle with a unique code (QR, RFID), connected to a database. You can immediately verify the product authenticity using your cell phone or PC.

  • controlled distribution of medical drugs and medications
  • simple authentication by public
  • authentication of individual pills by specialists
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