A unique lighting solution enabling new applications,
modeling, precise management and control of the flux
of LED lighting.

The principle is based on the use of new flat plastic lenses, which have outstanding properties due to the complex structures inside and on the surface of the plastic. These structures, most often hundreds of nano- or micro-meters in size, create targeted breakages, diffraction, interference, resulting in the modeling and routing of individual rays and light beams, the sum of which produces the desired light effect, or the type or nature of light.

The structures “shaping” the light are created using an electron beam lithograph and a matrix is then formed so the lens can be subsequently printed in any large series.

In addition to an extension to the possible uses of LED lamps, this type of lens provides significantly higher quality and value of lighting. A fundamental change will be production technology of lighting units – highly demanding pressing and grinding of glass will be replaced by stamping of plastic components, massive spotlights reflecting and directing light will no longer be required, and this will lead to completely new lighting designs. We have something to look forward to.

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