Consumer and industrial goods
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Over $1 trillion a year, that is how much money counterfeits make in world trade. It was $800 billion in 2009 and $200 billion in 1996. And 30 years ago? Only 5.5 billion dollars.
Functioning protection example

We will unmistakably mark your original goods: clothing, electronics, toys, drinks, food, furniture…

To ensure an intact package on the way from you to the consumer is the product packaging protected by a non-transferable security sticker - with an RFID chip for easy identification.

We will equip the individual components of your goods with a hidden nanomarker - this immediately verifies the authenticity of the product for the inspectors or the police in case of theft.

Solve the problem with counterfeiting of your goods
Brand Protection

Visible security features assures the consumer of buying an authentic product from you. Hidden features will enable you and your distributors to easily distinguish counterfeits from originals.

  • smart multi-level smart protection
  • quick and easy authentication
  • simple application into your production
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Product tracing anywhere on the world

System track & trace is what makes counterfeiters really unhappy. Unique encrypted code on every product immediately verifies its authenticity - to you, the seller and the consumer.

  • simple control by cell phone or PC
  • permanent control of the goods movement
  • authentication in every part of the distribution
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