Excise tax recovery
Prevent tax evasion and keep tax collection under control.
We help in the fight against tax stamps counterfeiting, dilution and adulteration of alcohol and fuel with other substances.

Our solutions help avoid phenomena such as adulteration, dilution and mixing in ingredients with lower excise tax and that way causing tax evasion. This solution consists of physical tax stamps with sophisticated security features, both visible for easy verification by the customer or dealer, and hidden for inspection by the authorities.

The second level of security is digital numbering of tax stamps for effective tax collection by state institutions and immediate authentication of each bottle or packaging.

Key Benefits

  • We provide protection of products, packaging and tax stamps
  • Easy verification of paid tax
  • System for monitoring of paid tax
We supply complex system solution for protection of tax revenues.
For excise tax recovery we use
Security markers
Covert invisible control
IQ dot
Hidden security microparticles
QR code
Online track and trace
Smart label
Intelligent packaging protection
Holographic label
For simple authentication
Holographic foil
Tamper-evident protection
Security printing
Anti-copying protection
RFID chip
Electronic protection and tracing
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