New generation of fuel cells

In this research project of a new generation of fuel cells we apply the long-term experience and original patented discovery of Professor V. Matolin from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, whose research team developed an entirely new type of catalyst and a method of application, which can achieve savings on the use of platinum compared to regular methods of up to 99%.

We contributed by providing metal electrodes with specific micro- and nano-structured surfaces, which easily meet of the required criteria - permeable to gases, have high conductivity, inertness towards processes on the electrodes and a large active surface.

IQ Structures procedures will be applied for structuring the metal electrodes and electron beam lithography and a UV or 3D nanoprinter will be used for the production of embossed and microstructural patterns in the nano-technology center in Brno (a subsidiary company API Optix).

These represent a unique solution to the creation of multi-layer Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) which are the heart of every PEM fuel cell.

Expected features of the PEMs of the new generation of fuel cells
Performance: at least 600mW/cm2 (depending on type of cell)
Lifespan: at least 10,000 hours
Reduced costs for catalyst: savings of up to 99% of platinum compared to conventional anode solutions

Nanostructure of electrodes
Hydrogen economy of our construction
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