Personal and travel documents
Prevent criminals travel freely using fake IDs.
There are 11 million lost or stolen passports in the Interpol database. How many of these enable terrorists to travel around the world?
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We have implemented high-tech security features into the national programs in many countries.

We supply security features for all types of substrate (paper, polycarbonate, PVC) for private and public sector. We use new sophisticated nano and microstructure technology.

We use security features verifiable by naked eye (for hot-stamping foil, cover foils and laminates) and hidden features verifiable by tools - microparticles and microprints.

We will help you choose and apply the right technology
We protect documents against counterfeiting

Our experts are authors of many security features for document protection - they participated in international projects of travel and identity document protection.

  • overt and covert security features
  • protection against data tampering
  • protection of polycarbonate, PVC, paper
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Project management and consulting

We will help you choose the right technology and security features and their customization according exactly to your needs.

  • choice of the right technology and materials
  • effective production process
  • technology customization
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New customized technology development

Our technologists are authors of a number of patents for production and application of security features. We will help you with the modification of existing technologies or develop a brand new one.

  • development of unique security features
  • security elements modification
  • technology application
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Looking for a customized solution?

Maybe you already have your own solution - and only need to improve and enhance it. Or to develop a brand new one.
IQ Structures technologists are here for you.

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