We are the security brain of your business
We use smart materials to be one step ahead of forgers
in different industries – we have higher IQ of our innovative solutions.
Product and document anti-counterfeiting
There is only one original. Yours.
We will provide anti-counterfeiting protection of your goods, IDs, documents. Passports, visas, driving license, tickets...
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Systemic protection and Track&Trace
Prague, Glasgow, L.A., Osaka...
We will track all movement of your product. Anywhere on the world. Day and night. Anytime.
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Product identification and Theft prevention
Unique prevention against theft.
We covertly mark valuables and vehicles and allow simple identification of the true owner of the stolen goods.
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Excise tax recovery
Every unit under control.
We add hidden identification markers into alcohol and fuels. We supply high security tax stamps.
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Project management and consulting
There are hundreds of technologies.
We will recommend the right one for you. We will manage your whole project: production, application and logistics.
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New customized technology development
We have our own extensive R&D.
We can adjust existing technology or develop a new one. We will help you implement it into your production.
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We create unique nano and microstructures to secure documents, valuables and goods against counterfeiting. We are not suppliers of a single product or material. We will always recommend or produce more effective solution which smartly combines existing technologies.
We secure your product on multiple levels

We protect products, valuables and documents both physically, using sophisticated security
features, and systematically, using numbering, Track&Trace and interlinked databases.

Overt (public)
Checked by naked eye - holograms, security printing, smart label

Forensic (expert)
Laboratory control - spectral fingerprint of marker, holographic nanostructure
Covert (inspector)
Checked by machine - nanomarkers, micro and nanotexts, microparticles

Systemic protection
(public, inspector)

Checked by reader, mobile phone - interlinked databases, Track&Trace, numbering of products, packaging, labels or tax stamps
We offer free consultation of your security project
Our managers are highly respected experts in the security business. They have realized hundreds of projects in more than 80 countries around the world. And they are here for you.
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