Anti-counterfeit protection, Brand Protection
Solve your problems with counterfeits and profit losses
We will secure your products and documents against counterfeiting. We will provide easy
authentication for public and experts.

We offer complex protection of products, documents and valuables against counterfeiting. This multilevel protection includes marking of materials that the products and documents are made of, security features on the surface of the products and secure packaging.

Our project managers have extensive experience in implementing projects in a wide variety of segments – from consumer goods and spare parts for vehicles, to protection of travel documents and banknotes.

Key Benefits

  • Complex product protection
  • Overt, covert and forensic security features
  • Protection of the product itself independently of the packaging
We already keep our eyes on business revenues of a number of clients
and protect the health of their customers.
Multilevel protection

We protect products, valuables and documents both physically, using sophisticated security
features, and systematically, using numbering, Track&Trace and interlinked databases.

Overt (public)
Checked by naked eye - holograms, security printing, smart label

Forensic (expert)
Laboratory control - spectral fingerprint of marker, holographic nanostructure
Covert (inspector)
Checked by machine - nanomarkers, micro and nanotexts, microparticles

Systemic protection
(public, inspector)

Checked by reader, mobile phone - interlinked databases, Track&Trace, numbering of products, packaging, labels or tax stamps
For authentication we use
Security markers
Covert invisible control
IQ dot
Hidden security microparticles
Smart label
Intelligent packaging protection
Recording of micro and nanostructures
Holographic label
For simple authentication
Security printing
Anti-copying protection
Holographic foil
Tamper-evident protection
Lamination foil
Full-face document protection
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