Alcohol, tobacco and fuel
Prevent counterfeiters from doing an illegal business with your products.
According to the Association of producers of spirits in the Czech Republic, the share of illegal products on the market increased up to whopping 25 %.
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We mark the content of a bottle, trace it anywhere in the world and help with excise tax recovery.

Hologram or security cap quickly verifies the original bottles to the public or seller. Labels and tax stamps contain digital data to monitor the movement of goods.

In addition, we will mix the alcohol with special nanotechnology marker - using them we always reveal detect different content and any dilution or adulteration of a product.

Take care of the problem with counterfeits and profit leakage
Authentic alcohol, tobacco, and fuel

We already keep our eyes on business revenues of a number of clients, help them check paid excise tax and also protect the health of their customers. Our multilevel solution:

  • protects the integrity of the goods and packaging
  • prevents adulteration and content replacement
  • secures authentic tax stamps and labels
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Track & Trace

Track & Trace makes forgers really unhappy. Unique encrypted code on every product immediately verifies its authenticity - to you, the seller and the customer.

  • easy verification via cell phone or PC
  • permanent overview of the movement of your goods
  • security is always ensured regardless of the tax stamp
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Excise tax recovery

We help control paid excise tax and prevent tax evasion. We make it difficult to adulterate or dilute alcohol and fuel. Our solutions provide:

  • permanent overview of the paid tax
  • simple authentication of the tax stamps
  • control of the content of each product
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