We make materials smart

We have a top team with 20 years of experience in development
of micro- and nanostructures.
We use state of the art technology and interdisciplinary expertise to form
micro- and nanostructures of materials and their surfaces to enhance products
with new functions and properties.
We are technologists
We are the leader in the creation of micro- and nanostructures in various industries using the technology of electron lithography.
Our industries
We are independent
We are not slaves of only one solution. We cooperate with many partners who are world leaders in their field of technology.
Our solutions
We have experts
We have experienced project managers and respected experts in the security industry who have implemented projects in more than eighty countries.
Our team
Everything we do is real and useful and can be applied now.
We are slightly ahead, come with us.
We use nanotechnology to challenge the status quo
We change the characteristics of existing products and materials and give them completely new, unique features.
Nanostructures optics
We use nanostructured optics to enhance the LED lights by giving them new functions. We offer new smart possibilities to designers and producers. We bring new types of lights to the market.
Fuel cells
We develop special micro- and nanostructured materials and their functional surfaces to significantly increase the efficiency of fuel cells and their economic effectiveness. We help to pave the way for new sources of energy.
Security features
We develop a new way of recording anti-counterfeiting features. Besides their better optical characteristics they can have new properties - electrical, mechanical and chemical. We create new standards in the fight against counterfeiting.
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