We create micro- and nano-structures that provide products and materials with incredible properties in the fields of optics, anti-fraud protection, energy and medicine. We apply the latest research findings into practice.

protection, control, identification, security

New materials and technologies advantage producers and sellers of counterfeiters.


Our microstructures allows shaping and modeling of light in space and on surfaces.


We develope materials for fuel cells.


We participated in a devolepement of a unique Czech 3D nanoprinter, we pay attention to biotechnologies, …

We provide smart solutions using materials with incredible properties, we change preconceived ideas of technological possibilities, we create new structures in cooperation with leading scientists and researchers. We use nano-technologies, we are the author and coauthor of numerous international patents in the field of micro- and nano-technologies.

Everything we do is realistic and can be applied now. We are slightly ahead, come with us.

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